Lista de Changelogs

MSPro V15


MSPro Item Market

New Market system to sell Item (replace Personal Store, can be switched, you can use old system if you want)

  • Can use Zen, Coins, Ruuds and Webzen Jewels (Bless, Soul, Chaos, Life, Creation)
  • All currencies can be disabled to use what you want
  • Have a Market List to search Items inside Markets and check opened Markets in current Server
  • Sold Items are Stored until the player claims the payment
  • Max Items Limit is 50

Character Extra Info

New Window to show All Character Statistics what are not showed in Character Panel (C)

MSPro Gift Code (NPCInterface Style 10)

NPCInterface System allow to exchange Gift Codes

  • Gift to Account or Character
  • Can limit UseTime per Character or Account and Reset that Limit or use the Global Limit to use by certain
  • Item will be dropped from ItemBag and can set different depending of AccountLevel

PostItem History Log

Save PostItems Logs since you enter World showing Item Info, time and Seller Name

PK Clear Settings

PK Clear now can be configured with different amounts of Zen and Coins in Ranges

MSPro PK System

More flexible PK settings to configure PK like you want with penalties (Experience, Drop, Damage, Defense, Die ItemDrop, etc...)

ItemOption Group

New System to give Options to Character when certain Combinations of Items are Equipped

Discord RPC

Discord Rich Presence will show Information related to Server (Name, Website) and Character (Name, Map, Level, Resets or Master Reset)

New Commands

Command /clearbuffs
  • Clear All Character Buffs

Command /pktime
  • Show PK Count and time left to Rest Next Count

Command /online
  • Get Connected Players Count


New file in Encoder to Disable certain Effects

  • Remove Glow
  • Remove Excellent
  • Remove +15 Red Effect
  • Remove +15 Plus Effect

New ExperienceFormula.txt

Now Max Level is managed all from Server (No need to change anything in Encoder.ini anymore, except Events, Gates and other things related to Level not involved in Experience or Leveling)

  • New Max Level is 65K
  • System automatically set Information of Experience and MaxLevel in Client
  • File have 2 example formulas, one for Classic Experience Formula and other for Level +400 (Tested to Level 6K)
  • You can set your own Experience Formula adapted what you need

CustomMount Extension Die Check

Added 4 columns in CustomMounts.txt to Enable / Disable Mount Die (Columns corresponding to AccountLevel)