Les presentamos el Editor de MSPro pensado para nuestros Customers de manera completamente Gratuita!

El Editor será actualizado de manera Constante para brindar características de calidad que permitan al administrador gestionar Cuentas, Ítems y sistemas Exclusivos de nuestros Files.




  • Small Bugs Fixed


  • Small Bugs Fixed


  • Added Item.xml Editor (Now you can import items from Server Item.txt)
  • Added Item.txt (Server) to Item_XXX.bmd Converter
  • Added DataBase Clear Menu (Can add new Querys to customize Clear settings in Querys\Clear.json)
  • Changed connection method to connect directly using Server IP (No need ODBC anymore)
  • Added Buff Editor (Settings\Buffs.xml)
  • Now all Items can have Socket Options
  • Some Bugs Fixed


  • Added button to automatically create all parts of Set
  • Added buttons to Clear specific parts of Inventory / Warehouse
  • Added button to fill Inventory / Warehouse empty spaces with an Item
  • Added Castle Siege DB Editor
  • Enhanced Multiwarehouse Navigation
  • Added Ctrl + F to open Find Manager
  • Minor Fixes


  • Fixed Quest edit value in Character Module


  • Fixed "Reinforcement error" in Socket Bonus when Socket Item is created with no Socket Slot / Options


  • Added Ruud to Character Editor
  • Added Coins Editor
  • Added Gremory Case Editor
  • Added V12 Quest Slots (4 to 6)
  • Added Ancient (+5 +10) Option
  • Added MD5 Support (Under Test! ... Create Account and Edit Password Only!)
  • Extended Harmony options Max to Level 15 per Option
  • Fixed PKLevel / Count edit Problem
  • Fixed problem with Socket Level

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